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Advisory Groups

National Family Health Care Transition Advisory Group

  • Allysa Ware, Family Voices, Advisory Group Co-Chair
  • Annie Schmidt, Got Transition, Advisory Group Co-Chair
  • Peggy McManus, Got Transition
  • Patience White, Got Transition
  • Becky Harmon, National Family Association for Deaf-Blind
  • Amy Kratchman, Institute for Patient and Family-Centered Care
  • Doris Maldonado Mendez, PATH Connecticut
  • Jana Monaco, Genetic Alliance
  • Yetta Myrick, Family Voices
  • Tamara Pursley, National Down Syndrome Congress
  • Derek Robertson, Sickle Cell Disease Association of America
  • Roseani Sanchez, Family Voices Cultural Responsiveness Committee
  • Erin Seigh, SPAN Parent Advocacy Network
  • Lisa Thompson, Autism Society of America

National Youth & Young Adult Transition Advisory Group

  • Dan Beck (DC), Got Transition, Advisory Group Co-Chair
  • Jodi Shorr (DC), Got Transition, Advisory Group Co-Chair
  • Laticia Marie Aossey (IA), Got Transition Cabinet Executive Team
  • Brittany Anne Alvarez (NC)
  • Joshua Calarino (FL)
  • Yashna Eswaran (CO)
  • Isabella Hanson (PA)
  • Noelle E. Livingston (WI)
  • Carrie Mullins (TX)
  • Shruti Sathish (WI)
  • Rosemary Waech-Rodriguez (WI)