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Health Care Transition Resources

Listed below are resources related to health care transition and organized by topic. This is not an exhaustive list, but rather a selection of current external transition work relevant to a national audience. To submit new or existing resources, please contact

Six Core Elements of Health Care Transition™

Listed in the table below are PDFs of the sample tools used in the Six Core Elements of Health Care Transition. Complete packages are available to download and customize for your practice or plan.

Transitioning Youth to
Adult Health Care Providers

(Pediatric, Family Medicine,
and Med-Peds Providers)

Transitioning to an
Adult Approach to Health Care
Without Changing Providers

(Family Medicine and Med-Peds Providers)

Integrating Young Adults
into Adult Health Care

(Internal Medicine, Family Medicine,
and Med-Peds Providers)
Complete Package
Summary of Six Core Elements
1) Transition Policy
2) Transition Tracking and Monitoring
3) Transition Readiness
4) Transition Planning
5) Transfer of Care
6) Transfer Completion

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