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Webinar Series — Health Care Transition & Title V Care Coordination Initiatives

A five-part Webinar Series featuring examples of best practices among state Title V agencies, tools and resources, and problem-solving strategies.

Session 1 · Starting A Transition Improvement Process Using the Six Core Elements of Health Care Transition

  • Overview of Health Care Transition Baseline Results from Title V Care Coordination (CC) Programs
  • Forming a HCT quality improvement team with CC team and youth/young adults/parents
  • Defining HCT pilot population, timeline, measures of success
  • Selecting HCT core elements and delineating roles of CC program and YSHCN providers

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Session 2 · Transition Preparation

  • Identifying key components of HCT policy for CC programs that families/youth want to know
  • Customizing transition readiness assessment (RA) for CC programs
  • Piloting and disseminating HCT policy and RA
  • Incorporating RA skill needs into plan of care and educating youth and families on needed skills
  • Preparing medical summary and emergency care plan with youth and families and their providers

Open/Close Recording & Handouts

Session 3 · Transfer to Adult Care

  • Identifying willing adult primary and specialty providers
  • Sequencing plans for transferring young adults with multiple providers
  • Identifying ways to support adult practices (consultation, care coordination)
  • Preparing transfer package and communicating with pediatric and adult practices

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Session 4 · Integration into Adult Care

  • Ensuring welcome and orientation FAQs from the adult practice to transferring young adults and pediatric practice
  • Facilitating initial appointment to adult doctor, including confirmation of receipt of transfer package
  • Supporting adult practice with CC assistance from Title V and linking to adult disability resources

Open/Close Recording & Handouts

Session 5 · Youth, Young Adult & Parent Engagement

  • Identifying youth/young adults/parents to participate in HCT initiatives in Title V CC programs
  • Providing transition education and training and mentoring opportunities
  • Eliciting consumer feedback with HCT care coordination process
  • Building youth/young adult/parent leadership roles on HCT within state Title V programs

Open/Close Recording & Handouts

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