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Youth & Young Adults

What Is Health Care Transition?

Health care transition, or HCT, is the process of getting ready for health care as an adult.

During childhood, your parents and caregivers usually help with your health and health care needs—they call for appointments, fill out forms, and keep track of medications. As you get older, managing those needs becomes your own responsibility. Achieving this independence requires an organized transition process to gain independent health care skills, prepare for an adult model of care, and transfer to new clinicians.

See below for tools, resources, and Frequently Asked Questions to help guide your transition to adult-centered health care.

Ready to Transition to Adult Care?

Transitioning to adult health care is a big step for a youth or young adult. Like going to college, getting a job, or going to live on your own, health care transition takes preparation and self-advocacy.

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Health Care Transition FAQ

Got Transition offers answers and helpful resources for Frequently Asked Questions you may have about your transition to adult health care.

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