Six Core Elements of Health Care Transition™

What is Health Care Transition?

Health care transition, or HCT, is the process of moving from a child/family-centered model of health care to an adult/patient-centered model of health care, with or without transferring to a new clinician. It involves planning, transfer, and integration into adult-centered health care. The goals of health care transition are: 1) To improve the ability of youth and young adults with and without special health care needs to manage their own health care and effectively use health services, and; 2) To ensure an organized process in pediatric and adult health care practices to facilitate transition preparation, transfer of care, and integration into adult-centered health care.

What are the Six Core Elements™?

Got Transition's Six Core Elements of Health Care Transition 3.0 is the widely adopted approach called for in the 2018 Clinical Report on Health Care Transition from the American Academy of Pediatrics, the American Academy of Family Physicians, and the American College of Physicians. The Six Core Elements define the basic components of a structured transition process and include customizable sample tools for each core element. The Six Core Elements are tailored to the type of practice facilitating the health care transition and are presented in three distinct packages. They can be found below and summarized in the Side-by-Side Comparison on this page. The companion Implementation Guides are available to assist clinicians in establishing a process for integrating the Six Core Elements into their practice with youth/young adults and parents/caregivers, beginning early in adolescence and continuing into young adulthood.


Download a PDF reference of the three sets tools and six elements.

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Recommended Health Care Transition Timeline

  • Age 12

    Make youth and family aware of transition policy
  • Age 14

    Initiate health care transition planning
  • Age 16

    Prepare youth and parents for adult model of care and discuss transfer
  • Age 18

    Transition to adult model of care
  • Age 18-22

    Transfer care to adult medical home and/or specialists with transfer package
  • Age 23-26

    Integrate young adults into adult care

There are three sets of customizable tools available for different practice settings.

Click below for information and samples of each core element and full Six Core Elements packages.